Defining Your Territory

Using data mapping software and based on your location we will build a territory of approximately 450,000 Households. This is your fully protected territory.

Having initially checked availability we are very happy to show you this graphical breakdown at our initial meeting.

Multi Territory Management Franchises

Initially we need to check what territories are available in your location and preferences.

The opportunity to manage a number of areas is clearly very attractive. Labour costs for roof boxes fitting per hour could be in the region of £10 – 15 but as you are making £120 – £160 per hour the impact on your bottom line profit is minimal.

Any Roof Box Fitters you take on will be trained at Head Office and the technical helpline will be available. They will also be invited to attend product update training as and when it arises.

The cost of additional territories can be discussed at our initial meeting
but you can be assured that there will be a financial benefit for additional territories.

Example Territory:
West Midlands

  • West Midlands
  • 450,000 Households
Click to preview the West Midlands Territory Map

Locating Suitable Premises

Our strategy for reducing costs on suitable premises is very effective. We work with storage companies who have total flexibility on storage capacity. Taking larger storage in the busy months and reducing significantly during the off peak times when the majority of your Roof Boxes can be stored cheaply off site until required the following May. In addition there are no Business Rates to pay.

We understand this market very well and are more than happy to help you secure a good deal in the right location.

Expanding Your Territory

Depending upon availability this is clearly a potentially profitable option and we are happy to discuss adding additional territories and/or households. This is very much dependent on your Geography and the density of households in your region.

If you are interested in this initially please register your interest and we can then give you first refusal if anyone else shows an interest.

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