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We recognise how important a factor freedom over your own schedule is in determining the right franchise to invest in. We offer National Roof Box Hire franchisee owners the opportunity to have complete freedom over their schedule.

Our custom marketing set-up allows you the piece of mind to work at your own pace, to your own schedule, all the while generating a dependably high turnover year in year out. We help all our franchisees develop a solid yearly plan around their current commitments. Yes! Our marketing model is truly that dependable.

Part time, great earnings...

We’re aware that a lot of interested franchisees are looking for a part time business opportunity to work around their already busy schedule. Perhaps your a mortgage adviser working nights, or a family who want to commit time to each other.

We’re a family run business ourselves, so making National Roof Box Hire Franchises a part-time endeavour for our growing team is imperative.

The great benefit of roof box rentals is that you know exactly which period you will be busiest based on a mix of common knowledge, holiday breaks and our three years experience!..

So how long does it take to fit a roof box and how much time is it going to take up from my other commitments?

Projected Earnings*

  • You'll earn around £60 - £90 per fitting
    (Prices vary based on location/area.)
  • 450 fittings x £70 = £31,500 Per Anum.*
  • That's around £105 per box, but wait it get's better....

A National Roof Box Hire Franchise would fit
on average 450 Roof Boxes Per Year

This is based on each locations number of households.
We allocate aprox. 700,000 households per area.

Not Just Rentals...

As of November 2019 we’re happy to announce that we have partnered with one of the best known and award winning roof box + bar manufacturers in Europe.

Undercutting Competitors by 25%...

Halfords are currently the leading roof box sales, our exclusive deal allows us to undercut them, making your franchise the most cost effective and  reliable option for anyone looking to buy a roofbox in your area.

Sell 30 Boxes + Bars per year to earn an additional £9,000 Turnover

Earning you at least £3,000 profit.

An exclusive partnership

We’re  very happy to be announcing this new exclusive partnership with one of Europe’s leading roof box and bar manufacturers, to both our existing and future franchisees.

Over the past 3 years of running Cheshire Roof Box Hire I’ve been inundated with requests to purchase roof boxes and bars – it’s always been a service we’ve looked to offer.

The addition of this service solidifies our franchises as the most competitive local roof box rentals available to the British public.

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