We get a lot of questions

We’ve tried to make this site as comprehensive and effective as possible, however we’ve also get a lot of great questions asked to us daily.

For this reason we’ve created this dedicated FAQs page which we update regularly as we get more great questions of interested individuals. If you have a question you’d like to ask that isn’t listed here feel free to get in touch with me directly via the following means…

07806 896407


Will My Roof Box Franchise Be Successful?

We have honed the system over 3 Years and tested it on our ‘Test Franchisee’ – If you follow the system YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL.

How Do I Get Customers?

We do it for you running Google Ad Words campaigns professionally optimised for your Geographical Area. We very cleverly utilise Social Media (at no cost other than a little time) to deliver even more enquiries.

These two things alone will deliver 100’s of enquiries to your Inbox, Phone and Facebook Account. We have in addition a number of local marketing activities that you can engage with to establish your local presence.

Is a NRBH Franchise a Full Time Role?

No absolutely not. If you were to fit 400 Roof Boxes over the year the majority would be between May and September but you would only work a maximum of 280 hours or the equivalent of seven 40 hour weeks.

Even in the height of Summer you will rarely work more than 24 hours per week (this is based on having 40 Roof Boxes to Hire) Please note this is not taking into account any Roof Box Sales.

What Size Will my Territory Be?

Each protected Territory will have approximately 400,00 Households.

Can I Sell my Roof Box Hire Franchise?

Of course successful franchises are always very popular and a NRBH Franchise is no exception. Lime Licensing Group are retained to help you with the sale of your franchise if or when you are ready.

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