Staycations‘ On the Rise!..

59% of the British population plan to holiday in the UK in 2019 (ABTA.)

And you’d be shocked how many people have already been Staycation-ing since the recesion!..

And better news yet – we’re booking earlier! Holidaymakers are booking their breaks earlier, a trend noted by 39% of businesses (Travel Weekly.)

Why Predictable, Early Bookings are so valuable!..

Schedule multiple booking on the same day month in advance, to fit to your schedule – giving you the time and freedom to live your life.

  • 3 Fittings in one day...
    £315 for 1 and a half hours work.*
  • 4 Fittings in one day...
    £420 for 2 hours work.*
  • 5 Fittings in one day...
    £525 for 2 and a half hours work.*

These figures act only as an illustration of your potential earnings*

Multiple Bookings can 5x your Turnover

Thanks to our consistent marketing efforts
You can rely on consistent and abundant bookings for your area.

Work to when it fits you!

It’s truly a booming trade the roof box hire business. And we’ve gotten it down to a tee. If your interested in setting up your own location and want to check it’s availability get in touch with the info below. Or if you’d like to learn more hit the next or previous button below.

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