Next Steps Towards Securing Your
Exclusive Territory For 2020

Step 1: Enquire

Fill out the form to the right to receive your National Roof Box Hire Prospectus direct to your inbox. We’ll get in touch soon after with more information on your territory availability.

Step 2: Schedule a Call

After you enquire we’ll get in touch with you. If you’d prefer to get in touch with us directly call 07806 896407 or schedule a call in the contact form to the right.

Step 3: Determining
Your Teritory

Once you’ve got in touch with us will inform you of the territories available to you based on your area of interest.

We can also advise you on any adjacent territories if you are considering a multi territory management franchise.

Step 4: Arrange a Meeting

Once you’ve determined your territory/territories Mike (Managing Director) will arrange a meeting with you at your convenience.

Once we’ve answered all your queries, you can then review all you’re available options.

If you decide to move ahead we’ll take a deposit to secure your 2020 National Roof Box Hire Franchise territory.

Step 5: Head Office

We will immediately begin preparing your franchise for launch.

We will help you locate local low cost, relevant and most importantly flexible premises. This is an important step. We have a lot of experience doing this, making the process as smooth as possible.

We will develop your custom National Roof Box Hire website with your custom logo.

Your website will be optimised for Google ensuring you rank highly for all the relevant keyword searches.

Finally we will set up your Facebook, Twitter and Google My Business social accounts with professional National Roof Box Hire graphics and relevant info, ready for your 5 star reviews.

Step 6: Attending
Roof Box Hire Boot Camps

We will be hosting a series of training camps in February and March of the coming year, ahead of your 2020 franchise launch.

This training will cover every aspect of running your franchise, from customer service to identifying the correct bars and boxes.

Following your initial training you’ll be more than ready to start fitting roof boxes and earning money.

We will also give you onsite training once we launch your franchise, with ongoing support available via phone and email.

Step 7: Stock Delivery &
Head Office Set-up

Once you’ve had all the relevant training and secured your premises, you will have your starter stock of roof boxes and bars delivered.

We will then initiate our very powerful local marketing campaign which will begin driving you enquiries.

Your Roof Box Hire Franchise
is Now Up And Running!

We are really excited about the opportunity we have on offer and we are very keen to meet and train enthusiastic new business partners.

If you’d like to become a part of the team use the contact form to your right to begin your journey! Alternatively you can contact us via email or phone below…

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